Let Go to Start New

I like to reflect on who I was in 2016, and how I can make myself better for the Kingdom of God in 2017. As a pastor of a church, I realize the cycle of life in the lives of those around me and in my own life. I can be rejoicing with one person one minute over a victory in his or her life and grieving with another person the next minute over a tragedy. It is simply how life is. Today take a moment to think about 2016 and then look ahead to 2017. What will your fresh start look like?

The new year brings enthusiasm, hope, and the potential for change. The potential is there for this to be THE BEST YEAR YET!

This morning I was thinking about how we start over. How we undo what has been done, regroup, and start again. In Northeast Georgia, it is a cold morning and our church is hosting prayer at 6:00 AM to enter in the New Year centered with God. As I walked through the parking lot of our church, I could see my breath in the air before me; my fingers felt tight from the temperature; and the wind chilled my body. I thought of spring.

But you and I both know, in order for spring to come, winter has to end. I can’t have both seasons. The fresh green grass and spring flowers could not thrive and grow in this kind of weather. No, in order to start new, something has to end.

Really, it is more about ending than beginning. We have to let go of what we are holding on to so that we can start fresh. One cannot exist when the other is around. How do we let go so that we can start new?

The words “Love Me” enter my heart. When we commit our hearts and lives to God fully, the love we have for Him overshadows the grip of sin and death. When we sell out to God, like the thawing of the ice upon the ground, new life pushes through, fresh and green.

When God spoke to Moses and instructed him to go to Pharoah, Moses asked Him, “Who do I say sent me?”

God responded, “Tell him, I am.”

I am ______________ (fill in anything you wish). He is more than enough. He is the answer to every problem. He is exactly what we need. He is our portion.

Make this year the year you commit daily to a loving relationship with God. Make this the year you study His word every day. Communicate with Him throughout the day. And make Him front and center in your home. Make this the year you end your former self and begin fresh and new in the love of God.

May you love God deeper and experience the wonder of a fresh new start in Him.

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