Your Vote Counts


Today, many of you have the opportunity to elect leaders in our government. It isn’t something to take lightly or disregard as trivial. No matter what – VOTE!

While the Bible does not tell us to vote – mainly because the authority of the day were not chosen by democratic vote – it does tell us to be good citizens. A good citizen assists in guiding his or her nation by casting a vote. I’ve often heard, “My vote doesn’t count. Why make the effort?” Statistically, many elections have been chosen by a handful of votes. As Christians, we need to cast our vote with thoughtful prayer; otherwise, we are allowing the non-Christian to do it.

It is our responsibility to vote intelligently, to understand the candidates and what their views are on issues that are important to our community, our state and our nation.

Today, stand up for what is right. Bring glory to God with your choices. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord! “ Psalm 33:12

Today is your day of opportunity. Exercise your right to speak your voice.

VOTE…It counts!


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