Are you avoiding the warnings?

I was reading an article on the Titanic, a cruise ship which struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic ocean on April 14, 1912. In reading the tragic accounts of loss and errors, one factor remained significantly prominent – indifference. Eyewitness accounts told of the efforts made by the crew members to get passengers to go in lifeboats. For over an hour, passengers avoided the warnings. Repeatedly it was proclaimed the Titanic was unsinkable! They couldn’t see what was coming. They didn’t realize the damage. They didn’t know there were only 1/2 the number of lifeboats available. The luxurious ocean liner lulled them into a sense of comfort and safety; all the while, the grip of death hung over them as the boat sank slowly into the frigid water.

Passengers on the Titanic trusted the comfort of their surroundings more than the warnings of the crew members. Very few passengers took the time or made the effort to understand the reality of what was ahead. The damage caused by the iceberg to the ship’s hull was severe; yet, many did not want to believe it. For the moment, it was easier to believe in the comfort of the ship. It was easier to look around the room and make assessments, “Well, no one else is moving toward the lifeboats! Why should I?”

The reality of life and death eternal consequences hovers over you like the damage to the ship’s hull on the Titanic. The Word of the Lord being taught globally rings loud and clear; yet many fail to listen to it. See, like the passenger’s of the Titanic it is more pleasing to stay in the immediate satisfaction of life than to accept the harsh realism of hell. We make choices based on comfort or others or immediate impact instead of delving into the truth. We are a society of “what’s in it for me?” “what will I get immediately from it?” and “how quickly will my desires be satisfied?”

All around us ships are sinking and people are refusing to get in lifeboats. Are you one of them? Are you living your life in the luxury of the day, not realizing the eternal demise by avoiding the danger lurking around you? Following Jesus is a lifetime choice; it is an action; it comes with life changing decisions and a different walk from the one you took before.

Don’t ignore the warnings around you. Commit yourself to the ways of Christ.

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