I’m not a shopper, and when Connie calls and asks me to stop by Ingles to pick up this or that to complete our dinner, admittedly, I do grimace – a little. Considering the fact my wonderful wife takes care of me beyond what I deserve, I turn the wheel of my car and drive to Ingles.

As I walked the aisles retrieving the few items she needed, I saw an older lady I had not seen in many years. We exchanged pleasantries, and I asked how her husband was doing. Her eyes said it all. At first I thought he might have passed away and I hadn’t heard. But she interrupted my thinking to announce, after 43 years of marriage, he had divorced her.

I couldn’t fathom what she was saying. It didn’t seem possible. I gently touched her arm and inquired how she really was. She smiled. God had healed her of the pain and although she struggled on a daily basis she had realized a few things. I listened intently.

1. When someone hurts you, it makes kindness even more sweet.

2. When someone betrays you, it makes those who are trustworthy even more valuable to your heart.

3. When someone abandons you, it makes those who stay, even closer.

4. When someone stops loving you, it makes the love of others even more precious.

5. When trials come your way, it makes God even closer.

My steps were lighter, quicker. I couldn’t wait to get home and see my wife. It isn’t about what happens in our lives, it’s really about how we look at it.

Choose to believe in good even when all around you seems bad. Choose to see the light even when darkness covers you. Choose to see God in all things, for that is where He is.

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