A pretty front lawn

I love my dad for many reasons.

1. He saved every gift my sister and I made for him.

2. He loved to play baseball with me

3. I always know, no matter what happens in my life, he’s there.

4. He loves my mom.

5. He has no issue with telling me I am wrong and why.

6. He let’s me know how proud he is of me.

7. No matter how old I get, I’m still his little boy.

8. He is always on my side, whether he agrees with me or not.

9. He’d give me the last dime he had and find a way to make more if I needed it.

10. He taught me to love God by his words and his actions.

Today is Father’s Day. It is a day to celebrate the men in our lives who helped us become the people we are today. I’ve learned over the years what a great blessing a good father can be; and I certainly have one. It isn’t until one realizes the possible impact of a bad one on lives, the importance of a great dad surfaces.

Take the time today to thank the men in your life who have influenced you. I remember as a boy, my dad would take me out in the front yard and throw baseballs with me. He’d help me learn to slide and catch fly balls. My mom would fuss because we were tearing up the grass on her front lawn. Pops would wink at me and whisper, “I’m not raising grass, I’m raising you.”

And I’m forever grateful we didn’t have a pretty front lawn.

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