Dear friends, since God loved us that much, we surely ought to love each other.” 1 John 4:11

Probably, the word that stands out to me the most in this scripture’s translation is “surely.”

I had a teacher in elementary school who would follow her statements with, “Surely, you can do that.” Maybe it was a project due in two or three weeks, and she would add, “With all the extra time I am giving you, SURELY you can have it in on time!” Or, maybe it was a playground rule after a rainy day where she wanted us to avoid mud puddles. She would qualify the rule with, “Surely, you are smart enough to stay out of the puddles!”

It is a word used to emphasize the confidence the speaker has in us that there is NO doubt we can complete a task.

“Since God loved us that much…SURELY!”

What does loving each other actually mean? Some people may define love as a universal, feel good, warm and fuzzy in the air kind of emotion – we love everyone. But does that love encourage? Does that love trust? Does that love accept? Does that love help?

There are times when we need to evaluate what love means to us and how we reflect that love with other people. I’m glad God’s love isn’t about that universal, feel good, warm and fuzzy in the air kind of emotion, because it wouldn’t be the type of love that brings us comfort in the middle of the night when no one else is around. It wouldn’t be the kind of love that pulls us from the pits of despair or the kind that tells us no matter how bad we’ve messed up, He STILL loves us.

How are you showing others love? At work? In your home? At school? What are you doing to demonstrate the love God has called us to demonstrate?

I challenge you today to evaluate what love looks like to you, and what it looks like to God. Ask God to help you love like He loves.


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