Days to Regroup

Genesis 2:3, “Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it He rested from all the work of creating that He had done.”

As a boy, Sundays were different days in my life. The grocery stores were closed. Few restaurants were open. The Ace Hardware – closed. The one movie theatre we had would never be opened on Sunday. No, Sundays were spent at church; home for Sunday lunch; visiting with neighbors; back to church for Sunday night services; a little homework; and to bed. When I was a boy, I loved Sundays, especially if neighbors didn’t come over; then, Dad and I could go fishing in between church services.

God intended for our Sundays to be different; to be days we regroup, reconnect, and refocus. He blessed the seventh day and asked us to keep it Holy.

For many of us, Sunday is just a day. If put it on a schedule, it would look no different from any other day of the week – but it is different. Lately, I have felt in my heart God’s urgency to look at Sunday. How are we spending the time He deemed Holy?

I understand that many of us work on Sunday. It is my job to preach at the church I serve. But I can still make the day Holy. My dad did and still does. God knew what life was all about before He created us. In His wisdom, He knew that we needed a day to recharge, restart, and revive.

What does your Sunday look like? I challenge you to make it Holy. Sit down with your family or spouse or friends, whatever applies in your life, and determine that Sunday will be different; it will look different; it will feel different. Designate the day to honor and glorify God.

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