Love like the Morning Mist?

I love the early morning dew. There is something about a dew covered ground as the early morning sun’s rays shine down and cause it to glisten. It reminds me of strings of white lights or diamonds shimmering or frothy milk. When I was a boy,  I used to try to see the sun soaking up the dew and drying off the grass.

I wrote a poem once to a little girl I liked in the fifth grade. She sat on the front row and had long brown hair which she braided down her back. I don’t remember the poem exactly except for a few lines, “I love you like grass loves dew or falling rain that beats against the windowpane.” Years later I realized the simile I used showed a huge lack of commitment  Realistically, dew is around less than 30 minutes and falling rain quickly hits the windowpane, bounces off and is gone. No wonder she never acknowledged my poem!

Even Hosea compares the morning dew in the Bible, “What can I do with you, Ephraim? What can I do with you, Judah? Your love is like the morning mist, like the early dew that disappears.” -Hosea 6:4

Hosea was a prophet living in the northern kingdom of Israel. His wife was not committed to him and had an adulterous affair. Israel too was not committed to God. It was a time of little loyalty and Hosea longed to bring people back to their commitments. His own personal life reflected the lives of those around him in their relationship with God. Like the early morning dew is quickly soaked up by the sun, so was his wife’s devotion to him and so was Israel’s devotion to God.

How is your commitment to God? Are you like the morning dew? Where is He on your priority list?

Many of you may be quick to answer and insist God is number one; but let’s think on it for a moment. Do you give Him time every morning in prayer and study of the word? What about church? Is it a priority in your family or is soccer or baseball? What about around the office? Do you tiptoe around your political correctness and only speak of Him in safe, non-threatening environments? Maybe you are like the morning dew or the falling rain.

Some of us need to evaluate our relationships with God and get our priorities straight. He does not like anything half-way. Consider this, would you like for Him to be half-committed to you?

Take the time today to prioritize God in your life and reconnect with our Savior. Many people have good intentions – they desire to be Christian but only at an emotional level;  remember, it is not our intent but our action that make us Christian. You can intend to believe and love Christ all day long but until you actively walk in His way, you are only half-committed – He suffered and died for the ‘whole-hearted” Christian.  And nothing else will do.

Journal Question: How can you develop a stronger commitment to God?

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