Love is Kind

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.” 1 Corinthians 13:4

Love is kind…

By its simple definition, the word kind is to be of a good or benevolent nature or disposition; to be indulgent, considerate or helpful; to be humane. 
Kindness is when we put patience in action.
It is puzzling to me why the phrase “Random acts of Kindness” has received such attention over the past few years. I say puzzling because shouldn’t it be so common place, so instinctual, as Christians, there is little emphasis?
I read a story once about a traveler in an airport in Portland, Oregon. The stormy weather had caused many flights to be delayed and some even canceled.  If you’ve ever been in that situation before, you know the havoc it can cause and the angry emotions of passengers who want to get where they are going and NOW! This particular traveler’s flight to Los Angeles had not been cancelled and as he and the other passengers waited to board, a harried man ran up to the counter, briefcase in hand with his ticket extended. Unfortunately, because he had arrived late, his seat had been given to another person. The attendant did her best to explain the policies of the airline in regard to late arrivals, but he would accept no explanation. All of us felt awkward and disheartened for the employee who was simply doing her job as the man ranted and raved about his predicament. Apparently, he had a very important business meeting in Los Angeles which he could not, would not miss. As he demanded to see a supervisor, an elderly lady around 70 years old, stood up and offered her seat to him. She was in no hurry. If he needed to be on the flight so desperately, he should go in her place.
The man thanked her; apologized to the attendant as well as to all those who had heard his words and witnessed his horrific behavior. He actually called the sweet woman his angel as he boarded the flight.
The airline, to express their gratitude for the kindness of this woman, put her on the next flight out, first class, and gave her two free, first-class, round-trip tickets to any destination served by the airline.

 It pays to be kind. The reality of being kind is, kindness makes you happy, and being happy makes you kind.  Kindness is one of the greatest ways we can express love to those around us.

Journal Question:

Today, make it an intentional effort to be kind to others. Write about how it made you feel and how you will continue to change the word “random acts of kindness” to daily acts of kindness.”


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