The Season of Love

This month I want to share with you about God’s love and what it means to be loved by Him. At the end of each devotion, I will give you a question to contemplate and reflect how it applies to your life or how it stirs something within yourself to take action and change. Keep a journal handy. Please make comments and let’s exchange thoughts.

Psalm 121:8, “The Lord shall preserve your going out and your coming in, from this time forth, and even forevermore.”

God’s love for us can sometimes seem like a mystery of sorts. Because we cannot possibly match it, understand it, mimic it, or even accept it, we tend to push it aside as something “out there” too difficult to grasp. Most of us look at our inadequacies, mistakes, sinful lifestyles and scoff, “How could He love me? I have way too many warts…”

When I was working on my Masters of Divinity, I was given an assignment to write a letter to someone I loved, describing how I loved them, without ever using the words, “I LOVE YOU” in 20 words or less, exemplified by scripture.

Hmmmm…how is that possible? Twenty Words Or LESS? Using a scriptural base as an example? YIKES!

After much thought, I realized God does it throughout the Bible. Psalm 121:8 – Forever, I will watch over you.

My heart swells basking in the commitment God extends to me. He won’t take His eyes off me.

I wrote my letter to Connie, my wife.

Connie: My eyes will always be on you even when you are nowhere in sight.  You are in my heart always. – Mike

Journal Question:  How do you show your love to those close to you? How can you be more intentional in letting them know how much you adore them?

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