A Reminder

The other day I needed to occupy myself for 30 minutes before a meeting. The idea of 30 minutes of free time sent my mind into a whirlwind of possibilities. I could catch up on emails or texts. I had a few calls to make; but, I decided to go into a nearby bookstore and browse. It had been so long since such a luxury of time offered itself to me. I found my way into Barnes and Noble and began to thumb through several books I had been considering purchasing. An older lady passed behind me, stopped for a moment, and then remarked, “Jesus loves you, you know.”

It startled me. My mind stumbled through various responses. I was a minister. I’d grown up in the church. Did I appear to be a lost soul to her? Did it appear I needed to hear those words from her?

As I stood stunned by her statement, knowing it was true but uncertain why she said it, she smiled up at me, “Even pastors need to hear it every now and then.”

My face brightened as I responded, “Yes we do. Thank you.”

We all need a reminder as we busy ourselves and deal with all the junk  life can bring before us. Sometimes, we think only those who do not know God should be told of Jesus’ love. Where did we come up with that idea?

Psalm 136:26 Give thanks to  the God of heaven, for His steadfast love endures forever.

This morning I want to remind you: Jesus loves you – every part of you. He loves your personality. He loves your mind. He loves how you laugh. He loves the color of your skin. The quirky things you do, the annoying habits, the imperfections, He loves them all. Jesus knows your name and the way you spend your day. He sees your mistakes and loves you anyway.

Jesus loves you. He loves your past, your present, and your future. His love for you is steadfast. It is unconditional. It doesn’t end. There is nothing that you can do to make Him love you less and nothing you can do to make Him love you more.

You are the apple of His eye. He adores you.

Jesus loves you. Spread the word.

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