The Star

Matthew 2:10When they saw the star, they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy.” 

We all know the story, the story of the Magi, the Wise men, the astronomers who came and worshiped the Christ child. These were men who knew the prophesies, knew what they were looking for, and had the resources to go after it. We do not know how long it took them to find Jesus, but we do know, it wasn’t as obvious as the artists make it in Sunday School books; for if it were, everyone would have known and been there – including Herod. The men (we are uncertain of the number) brought gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh as it indicates in Matthew 2, “to a young child.” So it could have taken them a year or two to find Christ.

It isn’t a time line that is important in this story. What is important is the reaction to the star.

What do you do when you see the star?

The star is the symbol, the announcement, the ‘all points bulletin’ of the arrival of the Savior of the World. When it appeared in the sky, there were those who probably never knew it was there. Some saw it momentarily and went about their business. Some may have gazed upon it from a distance, realized its beauty, but never engaged in the wonder of it. And then, there were those who either knew of it or went after it. Where are you on this spectrum?

The Wise men saw it, went after it, and rejoiced. They dedicated their time and resources to finding the star. They put all that they had into seeking what the star represented. And although we don’t know from scripture, I’m sure in finding Christ, the lives of the Magi were forever changed.

This Christmas season focus on the “star” of the story, the One who came to change a world, the One who came to save you. When we make Christ the center of Christmas and the center of our lives, everything else finds its place.

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