There is no place like home

There is no place like home...

It is a phrase I’ve heard many times. I’ve even said it myself occasionally after a long hard day or too much time on the road. But after the last week in Haiti, I’ve learned a little more about what “home” really means.

As many of you know, I was a part of a Team of people working in Haiti. The church where I am privileged to serve has a Haiti Campus with a school, medical clinic, church, and orphanage in Deyemone – an area hit by Hurricane Matthew – an area on the southwestern peninsula of the country.

And as my plane landed in The United States, my heart ached to hug those I love. The reality of such a tremendous experience leaves reflection and reevaluation of who we are as people and what our role is in the Kingdom of God. On an even smaller, more personal scale, I felt a deep appreciation for my wife, my parents, my children and grandchildren; the people on our staff; the people in our congregation; and the people of our community.

Today, I am hugging people I love a little bit tighter. My heart desires to invest in the people who matter to me. I want to say thank you to those who on a daily basis reach out to me. And I want to be more intentional in Kingdom work.

The frailty of life reached me in the 150mph winds of Hurricane Matthew.

It isn’t that I didn’t┬árealize it before, but it reached me at a level I had never experienced. All the stuff…all the petty issues…all the distractions we inundate our lives with compare very little when life itself is threatened.

Some of you are going to receive an extra hug from me – just expect it. And my heart wants to extend more intentional “thank you’s” and timely investments in people.

My gratitude to all of you who prayed for me can never be properly expressed, but please know, your prayers were felt. They reached us despite the wind and debris, the mudslides and collapsing bridges, and the destruction for miles and miles. It is in the splendor of the King that I rejoice – in His Majesty, His Greatness, His unrelenting faithfulness, and His unfailing love for me, for you, for all those who want to be a part of His amazing story unfolding before us.

Home is not a structure, or size, or price tag. Home has nothing to do with furnishings, colors of ┬ápaint, or interior design. Home doesn’t have a landscaped yard, patio furniture, or even a really nice gas grill. Home displays itself in a community of people who are loyal, committed, supportive, and inclusive.

Home is where my heart is.

Psalm 121:7, “The LORD will keep you from all harm– He will watch over your life;”

2 thoughts on “There is no place like home

  1. Pastor Mike, hearing your account of the 14 hours of enduring hurrican Matthew, a category 4 hurricane, was hair raising to say the least. As a young boy living in Hollywood, Florida, I witnessed the effects from Hurrican Betsy and the Chleo. However, I was in the comfort of a brick & morter building, not in Haiti. I will confess that before that hurricane hit Haiti I did not fully understand why you and the mission team stayed. I told my wife that you all should have headed back while you had time. As it turns out, you all did God’s work and you all saved lives! I was wrong. God bless you all, and I thank the Good Lord for keeping his hand of protection on you, the others, and the Deyemone Haiti Campus.

  2. I praise God for His faithfulness, the safety of those in Haiti, and that our Torch Team is home safely! Prayer is real. And I believe the Father uses times like this to reinforce that to us who wonder if what we pray just bounces off the ceiling! I am so glad you’re home! Your absence is felt!
    Linda Diamond

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