Hebrews 13:16, “And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.”

As a boy growing up in the church my father pastored, I remember well a particular lady who was  best known for her 7 layer caramel cake. Any covered dish lunch or funeral, there was one constant, Miss Agnes’ cake. There was however a unique characteristic many people didn’t know. Miss Agnes was a giver. I once heard her explaining to my dad a particular gift she had made for my mom and him. Any gift Miss Agnes gave meant something to her. She would never go out and just buy something; she either made it or it was something that meant a great deal to her.

Once I heard she gave her father’s pocket watch to a young man she had witnessed grow up and because he meant so much to her, on his graduation day from high school, her gift to him was the watch. With tears in her eyes, she explained to him how much it meant to her and therefore, how much he meant to her. He understood the sacrifice with which she offered it to him and he vowed to always treasure it.

When I read this verse from Hebrews, I think of her example. It isn’t telling us to give out of abundance, it is telling us God is pleased when our giving is a sacrifice. The definition of sacrifice is a loss or something that is given up. It isn’t a few extra dollars in our pocket or a couch we wanted to get rid off. God is asking us to share with others as a sacrifice on our part – that’s what pleases Him.

I often hear people say, “If I had money, I’d be the nicest rich person!”

While it sounds good, the truth is, if you won’t share the little you have, you aren’t going to share the abundance.

Your time is a sacrifice. When we serve others with our talents and give to them time we could be doing for ourselves is a sacrifice. My question to you today, “What are you sacrificing for others in order to please God?”

Take the time today to evaluate your giving. If you struggle in this area, ask God to help you. Start looking for ways to serve others in your community, church, neighborhood, and home. Open your heart to the possibilities and begin making a difference in God’s Kingdom.

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