Is Work An Albatross For You?

Colossians 3:23, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,”

How we work reflects who we are.

I’m not referring to our choice of career or how qualified we are to do what we are doing. I am talking about how we work.

The act of service is an act of love. In our daily jobs, in volunteering, in gardening, in cleaning our homes, we must ask ourselves if we are displaying love or displeasure. When people view what we do, is the love of Christ reflected or the burden of the task?

Simply put, if work is with displeasure, if work is from a disgruntled heart, if work is an albatross, it is better not to work at all.

I love homemade breads, cookies, jams, and sweets. You can tell by my waistline that I do as well. The joy put into the measuring of the ingredients, the loving hands stirring the batter, the careful timing of the baking, and the packaging preparation, make the outcome deliciously inviting. I have a friend who comments when we eat at restaurants if the food is especially good, “The chef must be happy today. The food really tastes amazing.” His comment is true. The love put into the work makes us feel satisfied; without it, we are only half full, left longing for something more.

Connie and I enjoy listening to orchestras. Any opportunity we have to go to the symphony, we are there. For me though, watching the violinist or the cellist create the sounds flowing from those instruments and the passions they possess to perform, fills my heart.  I love the sound of the music, but I love even more the joy of the musicians playing the instruments.

We are kidding ourselves if we believe others cannot tell how we feel about what we do. Even when it isn’t a task we necessarily want to do, as Christians, as servants of others, as people called to a higher standard, we need to do the work as for the Lord, with all our heart, and with great joy.

Without love, our acts are empty. Without joy, our service is not service at all.

Be the catalyst to change someone’s day.

Be the reason someone wants to find Christ!


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