Trust in Him

When I was a little boy, my dad took me hiking for a few hours late one Saturday afternoon. We were in unfamiliar territory because we were visiting some friends of my parents. (Probably, I was driving my mama crazy and she asked my dad to use up some of my energy!) As the sun began to set, I started to feel hungry and tired. “Just a little further,” my dad remarked.

I noticed he would stop and turn his head to the left and right; then, he’d look up at the sky and look behind him. Finally I asked, “Dad, are we lost?”

The lingering silence told me, we may not be lost, but my dad didn’t know where we were. The remaining bit of light slipped below the trees and darkness fell all around us. My dad had a flashlight, and he pulled it from his bag and gave me the last bit of water in his canteen. My legs felt heavy and stiff, although I kept walking. Finally, we sat down on a rock. His large hands closed around mine.

“Every trial Michael,” he began, “has a beginning and an ending. What we do in the middle is more important than how it started or how it all ends. Do you understand what I’m telling you?”

What I didn’t understand then, I understand now. He waited for a few stars to pop out in the sky and we started walking again. Every turn, he would look up and press on. Although it took a good hour, my dad led us back to where we started. That night, I ate two helpings of chicken potpie and drank 2 full glasses of milk. I don’t remember anything ever tasting so delicious.

Some of you may be in the middle of a life storm right now and you are feeling tired and weary. You want to quit; you’re losing hope; you wonder if it will ever end. How you handle the middle of your trial is key. Look up and wait for God’s guiding stars. They’ll come; and when they do, you’ll find your way out of that storm. Trust in Him.

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