God Sightings

God sightings…that’s what I call them. Times when people experience the touch of God in their lives. Maybe it was a provision. I spoke with a lady the other day who needed her yard cut, but she was short on the money this month to pay someone. A young man from our church stopped by her house and asked if he could help her out by cutting her grass. She was so blown away by the gesture. She told him she didn’t have the money to pay him right now. He simply smiled. His mom had told him he needed to get out from in front of the TV and go help somebody. So, that is exactly what he did.

Recently, Connie and I flew out to see our brand new baby granddaughter. Talk about a God sighting. There could be no greater miracle than a baby. I couldn’t hold her enough.

A friend of mine is moving and needed to sell his family home at just the right time to get a contract on his new home. The intricate timing of the two transactions seemed impossible. And just as the offer was accepted on the new house he was buying, an offer came in for him on the house he was needing to sell.

One of the members of the church I am privileged to serve received the beautiful news that her cancer was in remission. She had been through a great deal of pain with surgery and chemo. The overwhelming relief of hearing the news that the tumor was barely visible now and no sign of cancer brought us both to tears.

A homeless family finds a home…food is provided for 400 families…people coming to know Christ…children enjoying the lessons of the Bible…healings…sunsets…rain…fresh tomatoes from my neighbor’s garden…God sightings. God interacting in miraculous ways to show His love for His children. People acting on His behalf to help one another.

Now, more than ever, we need to recognize the presence of God in our lives and share it. I challenge you to spread the Word. God is very much alive and involved in every aspect of our daily lives – share your God sightings. You never know, you might just change someone’s life!


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