Happy Mother’s Day

It seems like just yesterday I was typing these words in 2015 and now its 2016. Time is passing all too quickly.

It falls on the second Sunday in May and typically involves honoring Mothers. Around the globe days such as this exist – some to honor women in general and some to honor mothers. I’ve been celebrating Mother’s Day since I was a little boy and still have the honor and privilege of celebrating it with my mother and now my wife.

I remember one year in school our teacher asked us to write an essay. At the age of 10, anytime I heard the word “essay” I grumbled. It was synonymous with “bath,” and I didn’t like either of them. When I got home that afternoon, I felt even more angry. Really? I wanted to go fishing, climb trees, ride my bike, but I had to stay at home and write an essay about my mother.

My dad got home that night around 6:00 pm and asked if I had finished my homework. I mumbled to him about the assignment, and how I didn’t know what to write.  My dad was quiet for a long moment. I knew he was thinking.

“Michael,” he started, “I want you to write me an essay about all the things that are special about you. All the things you do well. All the fun things you like to do. All the things you enjoy.”

Now this was my kind of essay! I could do that. When I had finished, there were two pages filled with the things I could do, the things I liked to do, the things I wanted to do, and the things I really loved doing.

My dad read over it. He handed it back to me with a smile.

“Nice job! You forgot four words though…”

I looked at him puzzled. “What did I forget?”

He pointed to the very beginning paragraph, and with his finger he showed me where the four words should go.

“Well, what are those words?”

He paused for a moment, picked up a pencil and wrote, “BECAUSE OF MY MOM…”

It was a lesson I never forgot, and one I’ve taught my children as well.

BECAUSE OF YOU, MOMS…we are who we are.

To all MOMS everywhere…thank you for making us who we are; for allowing us to do what we enjoy; for helping us to find who we are; and for loving us through the process.

Happy Mother’s Day! 


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