Are you equipped?

Generation after generation knows, there is always an “in” crowd. We also know what its like not to belong to that group. In fact, I bet if I polled 1000 people, only a handful would confidently and assuredly say they were the popular crowd. What about the disciples? Were they the “in” crowd. I would bet not.

When Jesus chose them, He had an agenda and certain people fit His criteria. Years ago a banker friend of mine told me he prefers to hire employees who have absolutely no experience but the potential for great customer service. When I inquired as to why, he told me he liked to train his employees to follow his protocol so he doesn’t have to undo prior practices of another bank. Makes sense.

I believe Jesus was looking for similar people. He wanted REAL people, willing to change and learn. He needed people who could accept those who were currently excluded and people who He could teach to love abundantly, as He did. It crosses my mind, would He have chosen me? Would He have chosen you?

There’s also a part of me that believes Jesus chose His disciples from a group of people one wouldn’t expect. Just as He was born in a manger – just as He grew up in simple surroundings – so did He want to select the less likely candidates. The 12 were from all walks of life: fishermen, political activist, educated and uneducated, tax collectors and wanderers of sorts. They were an unusual crew and hardly the “in” crowd. His first four choices, Andrew and Peter, John and James, were fishermen. Andrew and Peter brothers and John and James brothers. Its possible they were in business together. I consider their father who would have been left to handle the fishing business. In one day, he would’ve lost four employees, and in a small company, that probably was difficult.

Discipleship today is for all followers of Jesus; people who are willing to leave behind their former lives and accept a total surrender of will. It is going against the implications of belonging to the “in” crowd and belonging to movers and shakers of The Kingdom of God. The question is are you equal to the task? Are you equipped to be a disciple of Christ?

I wonder what it was about their character that attracted Jesus. He chose a select group for very specific reasons. Today, there is no difference either. God is looking for people with hearts which are in tune with His. I challenge you to examine your heart. Is yours inline with His?

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