There your heart will be also

Matthew 6:21, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Have you ever been somewhere and felt really “out-of-place”? Recently, I had the opportunity to be in the presence of extremely accomplished individuals, world changers and shakers, people making a difference in big ways. We were listening to a Nobel Peace Prize winner, and as the man spoke, my mind drifted. How could someone like me make an impact when all of these more than capable people existed?

Have you ever felt like me? Wondered if what you do in life even matters?

I think we all experience feelings of inadequacy from time-to-time. We are struggling rock by rock to get up our mountain, and the person beside us seems to be running up his carrying a load twice the size of ours. Some days no matter our efforts, we go unnoticed, undefined, and unrecognized.

Do you know God is more interested in your heart than your resume? He treasures our hearts! It doesn’t matter if you are the hardest working person in your community, if you are not in line with God, your work is in vain. To God, it doesn’t matter how much money is in your account at the end of the month; it matters how you spent what you had for Him or for yourself? It doesn’t matter if your shelves are lined with ribbons and trophies. If you aren’t running the race for Him, those awards are only collecting dust.

God treasures our love for Him and each other. God treasures our attention to Him and to His people. God treasures even the smallest of acts if they are done to honor Him.

As I left the conference, a well-dressed gentleman called out to me. “Michael, Michael Franklin,” he said, extending his hand, “do you remember me?”

I have to admit, I did not; but I recognized him as one of the day’s speakers. He laughed slightly to himself, “I hoped you’d be here.”

My face must have looked puzzled because he continued, “You were the pastor of my church when I was young.  During your tenure, I received my call into ministry.”

After a lengthy, interesting conversation with a man eager to change the world, I walked slowly back to my car thinking of God and my earlier feelings of inadequacies. It really isn’t about us; how we look; how much education we have; how we talk; or even how we feel. God is looking for people with hearts He can use, no resume or references required. All it takes is a heart totally sold out to Him in sacrificial service.  When we provided sacrificial service with a pure heart, He will do the miraculous in spite of us.

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