And their lives were forever changed

1 Samuel 17: 17-19, “Now Jesse said to his son David, “Take this ephah[d] of roasted grain and these ten loaves of bread for your brothers and hurry to their camp. 18 Take along these ten cheeses to the commander of their unit. See how your brothers are and bring back some assurance[e]from them. 19 They are with Saul and all the men of Israel in the Valley of Elah, fighting against the Philistines.”

It was just an ordinary day for the shepherd boy named David; a day just like any other day. He hadn’t anticipated greatness. It wasn’t even on the radar. David woke up expecting to do exactly what he did every other day – watch after his father Jesse’s sheep. Little did he know, the day ahead would change lives forever.

On the side of a hill in Judah, a champion warrior for the Philistines named Goliath, woke up expecting to do exactly the same thing he had done for the last 40 days. He was looking for someone to fight him from the Israeli army. Little did he know, today would be the day that would change lives forever.

It would be nice if we could get a bleep on the radar that greatness is just ahead, wouldn’t it? It would be nice to know the decision we made to do or not to do something would turn out this way or that way. But greatness gives about a big a warning as tragedy does…it never fills us in on the plans.

God knew what was coming and orchestrated David to bring supplies to his brothers. God had heard the taunting of the giant day after day; and, He’d seen His servants running in fear. Did they not realize Who was on their side? And so He sent David; a shepherd boy who was listening to Him.

In our lives defining moments are on the horizon; moments that can change lives forever, we just need to be listening to God. Today, tune your ears to hear His voice. Make a practice to read His Word every day. Be ready for the day He calls you. Be ready for your defining moment.

The rest of the story is one everybody knows. David took five stones and with his sling shot, struck Goliath in the head, right between the eyes. David did what no one else was willing to do. Seeing their champion fall in less than a few minutes, the Philistine army ran. The Israeli army pursued them and won a huge victory. And their lives were changed for ever.


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