What do you desire?

Have you ever been hungry but you didn’t know what you wanted? There is a certain taste you long to have. You are not sure if it is sweet or sour, salty or unseasoned, warm or cold. All you know is you are hungry and nothing so far satisfies.

Sometimes when I go to the grocery store, I spend a great deal of time looking at all the fresh produce. Wow! The Lord has blessed us with choices. I remember as a kid a treat for me was a pomegranate. I couldn’t wait for them to come into season! Now, fruit and veggies from all over the world can be found on the Ingles shelves in my small rural hometown.

What makes you hungry? I have to fight the temptation to eat lemon cookies or snicker bars. I don’t even like to go into The Quick Trip because I am afraid somehow one or the other will find its way into my hand, at the check-out counter, and then in my mouth.

But food isn’t the only desire. We can long for a new car, clothes, a new home, a swimming pool, new shoes, or even a new spouse. We can wish our job was different, our boss was different, our church was different. Maybe we long for more interesting friends or a better body. The reality is we can spend most of our lives hungry, never satisfied with anything.

I want, I want, I want becomes our mantra and the hunger games began to consume our lives. Imagine getting to the end of your days and realizing you spent all your time longing instead of enjoying. Everything you own is God’s. It isn’t yours. The money in the bank is there for you to manage. Your children are entrusted to you by God. The home in which you live is God’s. The car you drive is God’s. And He can do anything He wants with what belongs to Him.

Today, realize your position as manager and begin to enjoy that which He placed in your hands. You’ll be surprised how FULL you will feel in no time.

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