He reached down

Psalm 18:16, “He reached down from on high and took hold of me; he drew me out of deep waters.”

When I was around 4 to 5 years old, my dad took a buddy of mine and me fishing in our neighbor’s pumpkin colored dory. Using cane poles and a bucket of crickets, my dad rowed us out to the center of a pond near our home. No sooner had he baited Pete’s hook and got him situated and turned to help me, that we heard a splash. I turned my head to realize Pete was no longer in the boat. My dad in one quick motion, reach his big hand down into the water and with a scoop of his arm, pulled a dripping wet Peter back into the boat. A frightened and tearing up little boy sat stunned as my dad comforted him, reminding him not to stand up in the boat again.

Whenever I read this scripture from Psalm, I am reminded of Peter, my dad, and that ugly orange dory. Sometimes we find ourselves overboard, in deep water, unable to swim. Sometimes it is from our own stupidity and sometimes it is through no fault of our own. But rest assured, no matter how fast you are sinking, no matter the depth of the water, no matter how close you are to the bottom, God’s arm is long enough to pull you out.

Many years ago I ran into Peter in Chicago, Illinois, of all places. Talk about fish-out-of-water, we laughed at the two of us former ‘country boys’ in such a city. After a brief catching up, he reminded me of the day we went fishing. He had been terrified of the water, something I don’t believe my dad knew. He described how my daddy’s hand, grasping his arm, and pulling him to safety felt.

As I flew home to Georgia, I thought about what Pete had said. The image of God reaching down and grabbing hold of me through out my life when I was in need held in my mind. What a feeling to be protected and loved by my Heavenly Father!

Do not doubt His ability to pull you from the deepest waters. His arms are just the right length and strength to bring you back into the boat. Trust Him.

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