Happy Thanksgiving

It is the night before Thanksgiving Day. My daughter is home from Medical School. My wife is home from visiting our newly arrived 2nd grandchild. Mom and Pops are scurrying around and preparations for tomorrow are in full swing.

There are times in life when I just stop and listen to the voices of those I love more than I could ever express. Reneé laughing with Connie in the kitchen. Mom excited about her new great-grandchild. Pops wondering how we are going to fix the turkey. And as I take it all in, I think of my Heavenly Father. How He must love to hear our voices.

Today, let Him hear your voice. Let Him know how grateful you are to Him. Thank Him for His provision, love, and companionship. Thank Him for those around you.

If you feel alone today, remember you are not. God is always ready and able to hold you close as long as you allow Him to do so.

I wish for you today a Happy Thanksgiving. A day filled with gratitude and love. A day realizing God’s amazing presence in our lives.

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