They are me sheep, lad!

Psalm 100:3, “We are His people and the sheep of His pasture.”

I recently watched a documentary about a farmer who raises sheep in Scotland. Right down to the amazing Australian shepherd dog who literally responded to his master’s whistle calls to herd the sheep, I was overwhelmed. As I absorbed the information, my mind raced. How did David or Moses or Joseph do it? Here this farmer has state of the art equipment to manage his herd, and the shepherd of the past had a staff?

The farmer instructed the dog to bring from a herd of about 165, one particular sheep. “That’s Ernie,” he spoke to the camera man with his Scottish accent. “Ernie’s a mite poorly these days, a slight tear to the back of the leg. Been watching it closely for infection, don’t you know.”

With a few whistles and clicks of his mouth, Ernie and his dog, ‘Shep,’ stood in front of him. “Aye, Ernie,” he said. “Good, Shep.” He ruffled the nape of Shep’s neck and knelt down to examine Ernie’s leg. After administering ointment, the shepherd stood, whistled again, and Shep returned Ernie to the group, all within a few minutes time.

“That one there, Ima. She was born a wee bit early but blossomed fine, don’t you know,” he continued. “And there, Robush. Mi grandson named him after one of the cartoon characters.” The farmer laughed.

We are His people…we are the sheepwe dwell in His pasture…”

God created each and every one of us with His own hands in our mother’s womb. He doesn’t make mistakes. No where in the Bible have I ever read the word, “Ooops!” We are His Ima; His Robush; His Ernie. He knows our names and every intricate detail about us.

The camera man asked him how he can possibly tell the sheep apart. I smiled. The look on the farmer’s face said it all, “Goodness lad. How can I not tell them apart? They are mi sheep!”

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