What can we do while we are waiting?

When the kids were younger, Connie was so great at entertaining them when we had to wait – doctor’s office, lines to see movies, or rooms when I had meetings. She could occupy them with so many different thoughts or activities that waiting was never an issue. I would hear her say, “What can we do while we are waiting?” The choices seemed endless as the kids would offer suggestions. I often think about those times when I am waiting on God.

I heard it said once that God is the author of novels – not short stories. And while there are moments in the Bible when the answer came swiftly and instantly, there are more times when the answer from God required extensive waiting. Things can happen rapidly with God – He created the entire universe in a week – but in most cases, life events usually take time; more time than we want to experience.

Certainly, God could wrap-up the stories of our lives in an hour or two, but would we really want that to happen? No, I think God is the type of author who sets the perfect scene. He develops His characters fully and the plots have intricate details. He takes the characters of His story (i.e. – you and me) through many twists and turns; changing and growing them; making them into interesting, loving, strong beings. The best part for me in having God write my story is I know the ending will be unbelievable, a “blow-me-out-of-the-water” type finale.

So, what do we do while we’re waiting to finish the book?

We enjoy every chapter with Him, knowing the current scenario is taking us to an ending far better than we could ever write ourselves.

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