Happy Valentine’s Day

We have had some rough weather in North Georgia. Many people have been without power; schools have been closed; businesses have been unable to open; and despite the hardship, I must admit, the snow has been beautiful. Yesterday morning when I woke up, the sun was just rising and the ice crystals covering the trees glistened. I was reminded of God’s love for us in the beauty around us.

Today is a celebration of love. While you busy yourself picking the perfect card or box of candy or flowers for that special person in your life, take a moment to tell God you love Him.

When we love people, we express our love to Him.

When we sing praises to His name, we demonstrate our devotion to Him.

When we obey His laws, we display our loyalty to Him.

When we pray to Him, we show Him our priorities.

When we thank Him, we communicate our gratitude for Him.

When we marvel at His creations, we acknowledge His magnificence.

When we quietly reflect on His goodness, our soul communes with Him.

Today, take time to let the Author of love know how much you love Him.



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