Make an Account

Luke 1:1-2 reads, “Many have undertaken to draw up an account of things that have been fulfilled among us, just as they were handed down to us by those who from the first were eyewitnesses and servants of the word.”

This verse is one of those we read and overlook because we are eager to get to “what is next.” I am guilty of such as well. It’s the  story of Jesus’ birth we’re after. The first few verses are just introductory words, words to draw us into the story, words to qualify what will be said; or are they? I’m a strong believer that every word in the Bible is significant because it comes from God. God doesn’t add “fillers” or introductory comments. He isn’t interested in entertaining us. He is interested in teaching and directing us how to live.

I love to talk with people. I love to hear the stories of their lives: how they reached where they are in life; the journey they are currently walking; and how God has touched and changed their lives. If you think about it, everyone has a story.  I’ve yet to meet a person who doesn’t have something interesting, hard, exciting, or inspiring to tell me about his or her life. So here is my question; why aren’t we sharing our personal stories?

Luke writes to us the words, “Many have undertaken…”. I don’t know about you, but when I see the word undertaken thoughts of perspiration and difficulty enter my mind; in other words, it was no easy task. “…To draw up an account…” indicates a journal of sorts or record of safe keeping. It’s not an occasional story or a glimpse of life; no, it is an account of what God did for them and those around them. “…Of the things that have been fulfilled…” tells us the people knew God’s prophecies. They knew His influences, and as they saw the Word of God unfold, they recorded it.

The words “handed down to us…” resonates in my soul. It means our children and their children and their children. It is talking about a steady stream of spreading the word and demonstrating the importance of God. When something is handed down from generation-to-generation, it is significant.

Connie has a friend whose family has an heirloom wedding gown.  It has been worn for 55 generations, and not one divorce has occurred in any marriage when the bride wore the treasured dress. The gown is held in such high regard in this family that each bride keeps a picture of all the brides in the dress on display in her home and knows each of the brides by name. In the last wedding, there was a slide show of all the brides in the dress. Would you not agree?  This dress is pretty important to this family.

What if we, as Luke suggests, were just as diligent in spreading the Word of God. What if we testify to the wonder and splendor of what God is doing in our lives in order to encourage others in the faith. How different would the church look? How different would our communities look? How different would the world be? But instead, we tend to hide our true feelings under the guise of political correctness or acceptance, not wanting to exclude or be excluded from certain circles.

Start today.  Make an account of God’s significance in your life. Fill your children with the knowledge of His Word and the prophecies being fulfilled in our lives today. Luke finishes the verse with, “…servants of the word.” To be a servant means to attend to the needs of others while disregarding our own needs. If we are servants to the Word, our attention is directed toward the Word of God and not ourselves.

I challenge you today to be an eyewitness to the accounts of God. I challenge you to be a servant of the Word. Spread the Good News. There is no better time to start.

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