Asking the right question

It is difficult to see the pictures on television and hear the accounts of tragedy after tragedy in light of the tornadoes which struck Oklahoma this week. My son Daniel and his wife live in the area as well. Taking in the enormity of it all can cause us to question; but as you evaluate and process what has happen, I want to encourage you.

God is a loving and compassionate god. He is still on the throne and is not surprised by the happenings of this week. Know this, if you are wondering where He is, He is in the rumble of the school; He is in the neighborhoods; He is by the grieving and with the medical professionals as they administer aid. He is with the trucks of supplies crossing the State line into Oklahoma. He is in the churches. He is with them and with us.

We live in a fallen world. Because of the sin of man, we will have tragedy; we will have troubles; we will grieve; we will have sickness; we will have pain; we will experience disasters. Matthew 5:45 tells us, “… He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.”

How then do you cope with tragedy? Here are some steps to help you endure:

1. Know and understand God is still God

2. Know and understand evil befalls everyone

3. Live daily knowing life is short and fragile

4. Prepare daily to meet God personally

5. Love those around you and reach out to them in the middle of the tragedy

The most important step to remember, God is our strength. He is our rock, our help, our guide, and our source. When we feel His lack of presence, know He is there – always.

2 thoughts on “Asking the right question

  1. Well said, Pastor Mike! God is faithful and in control! Glad to hear that Daniel and his wife is ok.
    Thank you for the messages you share!

  2. My Grandson Ryan lives in Edmond. They were within a quarter mile of where it hit – His Mom said they had it bad, but nothing as bad as Moore. BTW Ryan was Daniel’s #1 football fan!

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