Saying I do, again

Last night I had the privilege of renewing the marriage vows of seven wonderful couples. Connie and I love this occasion and look forward to it at the conclusion of the marriage enrichment classes offered at the church I have the honor of serving. I’ve learned over the years, the renewal of vows is an important reminder for couples – a reminder of what marriage is about. Life struggles strain us in many ways and can cause us to lose sight of our priorities. By renewing marriage vows, the couple is saying to one another, “You are still the one who holds my heart.”

As I watched these beautiful couples repeating the covenant of marriage to one another, I thought of my covenant with God. As Christians there are times we need to renew our vow with God, not because He needs the reminder but because we do.

One of the ladies cried more at her renewal than she did at her actual wedding. We laughed about it; but, it is probably because she knows now what her words really mean. So too with Christianity. When we first became Christians, we really didn’t understand our walk with Christ as we do years later. The words of committment we made to Christ when we decided to follow Him have a much deeper meaning now because we’ve lived life. We know what it is like to live with Him and to live without Him.

Today, renew your vows with Christ. Rejoice in the splendor of loving Him. Remind yourself of the sacrifice He made to give you eternal life. Embrace our Lord and the covenant you share with Him. Say I do, again, to Jesus Christ.

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